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Who better to create specialty services for you than the expert's themselves?

Imagine having your exposure rating based on your true risk exposure, rather than your gross billings:

Are you in a loss-sensitive specialty for which insurance is simply getting too costly or difficult to find?


  • Healthcare Risk Advisors can customize coverage to meet your specific needs. Flexible, comprehensive, specialist-designed insurance products and services. As innovators in the development and management of alternative risk transfer opportunities, what we don't already broker we can establish just for you:

  • Standard market D&O, EPLI,

  • Alternative risk transfer solutions

  • Combined structuring and risk transfer to address , unusual, or difficult-to-insure risks:

    • Executive or Specialty Lines of Insurance

    • Captives Risk Purchasing Groups, and Risk Retention Groups

    • Large deductible, stop-loss, and excess programs

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